Mom Fletcher/Sigma Chi Endowed Scholarship Fund

Recipient must be an undergraduate student in their sophomore, junior or senior year who is a member in good standing of the Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity. Applicants must have satisfactory academic progress and demonstrate community service and financial need.

Mr. Marshall T. Mott-Smith and Mrs. Lark M. Mott-Smith
Mr. Anthony L. Palmer and Mrs. Jennifer K. Palmer
Academic College/Unit
Fraternity Sorority Life
Supplemental Questions
  1. Tell us about your financial need? Please include as much information as you are able about your income and expenditures including current employment, parent’s occupations, housing, major expenses, etc.
  2. If you were awarded the Mom Fletcher Scholarship, how would this affect your financial position?
  3. What leadership roles have you or do you fill in the chapter or on campus?
  4. The general application requests information about volunteer activities on campus. Are there any other volunteerism, public service, charity, or religious activities that you participate in off-campus?
  5. What are your life and career aspirations?
  6. What has your experience at Sigma Chi meant to you?
  7. Mom (Lois) Fletcher was a woman who had characteristics of high integrity, personal responsibility, and loyalty, and she was generous with her time and assistance to the Epsilon Zeta Chapter. How would you describe your own individual character, and can you provide examples of similar character traits that Mom Fletcher had?
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