Relgalf Scholarships - Fall Application

Recipient must be an undergraduate student within the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Recipients of the Relgalf Scholarship shall receive recurring annual scholarships for two to four years of undergraduate matriculation, up to the 36 hours required to satisfy the Distance Learning Bachelor’s degree requirements, provided that they meet minimum eligibility requirements for the duration of their scholarship.

  • It is understood that the Relgalf Scholarship Award is a three-year forgiveness educational loan award.
  • Relgalf Scholars are to be working law enforcement officers who remain eligible for their scholarship award only so long as they remain employed by a small law enforcement agency, defined as fewer than 30 sworn officers.
  • After graduation, the recipient must notify the Dean’s Office in the College of Criminology & Criminal Justice when they have returned to their sponsoring agency, when they have obtained employment in a small police department or if there is a change in employment status during the three years working in a small police department.
  • For each year that the recipient serves the small department, one-third of the total loan will be forgiven each year. Therefore, after three years of services to the department, the totality of the loan is forgiven. The recipient must repay the loan if they do not serve a three year period in a small department, prorated at one third of the loan for each of the 3 years.

Relgalf Charitable Foundation
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College of Criminology & Criminal Justice