Marvin B. Overby Memorial Scholarship

Recipient must be a full-time student who is a member of the Florida State University Intercollegiate Bowling Team. Candidates must demonstrate leadership and dedication to the bowling team and intend to continue full-time enrollment in the following semester. Undergraduate students who apply must have a minimum 2.5 GPA. Graduate students who apply must maintain the minimum academic requirements for their respective program.

Ms. Kathy O. Benton and Mr. Jeff Benton
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a member of the Florida State University Intercollegiate Bowling Team?
  2. Please describe your bowling history, activities and accomplishments, including participation and leadership with the FSU Bowling Team and Club.
  3. Please provide a personal statement describing how you embody the legacy of Marvin B. Overbys’ coaching philosophy, “Great teams are made of great attitudes, not just great talent.” This statement must also address financial need/hardship and how receipt of this scholarship will off-set that need.
  4. Please provide the names and email addresses of two current members of the FSU Bowling Team who will submit recommendations letters on your behalf. One (1) of these letters can be from a bowler who has either graduated or left the bowling program with whom you have bowled previously.
    • Name and Email Address