Dr. Hulon and Dinah Crayton Endowed Scholarship

Recipient must be a degree-seeking student attending Florida State University at the Panama City campus. Recipient must possess and maintain a minimum 2.5 FSU GPA, be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours and demonstrate financial need. First priority for awarding of the scholarship shall be to qualified students who are enrolled in the School of Nursing. If there are no such applicants, the scholarship may be awarded to qualified applicants enrolled in any undergraduate degree program offered at FSU Panama City. If at any time in the future undergraduate programs in the curriculum area of health/medical sciences are established at FSU Panama City, it is understood that the first priority of awarding of the scholarship shall be amended to a qualified student enrolled in one of the health/medical sciences programs.

One of the purposes of this scholarship is to increase diversity at Florida State University. Any student may apply to be considered for the award; however, it is the preference of the donor that the recipient be a minority student.

Ms. Dinah M. Crayton
Academic College/Unit
Panama City Campus