Seminole Club of the Rockies Scholarship

Recipient must be a full-time undergraduate student and resident of the state of Colorado.

Seminole Club of the Rockies
Supplemental Questions
  1. Essay #1

    The late Bobby Bowden (1929-2021) is a name that will be forever linked with Florida State University, having held the position of head football coach from 1976 to 2009, and considered one of the greatest college football coaches of all time for his accomplishments with the Seminoles. In addition to the remarkable on-field achievements in his career at Florida State University, Bobby Bowden truly embodied ‘The Seminole Spirit’. His love of family and faith was no secret to anyone that knew him, and drove all his actions and relationships on and off the field. He treated his players and FSU students as his family. He coached with class and dignity and with the utmost passion. He was influential to countless athletes and students, impacting lifelong athletic careers and shaping students into impactful community and family members. He was also the grandfatherly figure that could always tell a great story or joke to relay a message to others. The ‘Seminole Spirit’ is captured in the life and memories of Bobby Bowden and will continue on in his legacy for the history of the university. So, the Seminole Club of the Rockies look for our Scholarship Awardees to display or better yet, embody the “Seminole Spirit” in their path to life and during their college experience at Florida State. Please share your thoughts with regards to the following set of questions.

    • How do you think you encompass the 'Seminole Spirit'?
    • What personal qualities do you embody that reflect and what actions, as a person or student, show your Seminole spirit?
    • How have you or will you use those qualities to influence or impact others in your time at Florida State University and after your time at Florida State University as an alumnus?
  2. Essay #2

    Since 1947, Florida State University has proudly identified itself as the Florida State Seminoles. This was done to honor the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Later in 1978, with full support of the Seminole Tribe, a Seminole riding a horse, became to be known as Chief Osceola and Renegade was introduced at Florida State football games, and soon became one of the most beloved symbols of the university. Historically the Seminole Tribe has had to overcome great struggles maintaining their homes and way of life from the United States Military and from the unforgiving wilderness of the Florida Everglades. They have admirably managed to preserve their cultures, traditions, and beliefs despite endless hardships and battles. They are truly the “unconquered”.
    Our relationship with the Seminole Tribe of Florida is very important to the University. We strive to honor and respect them through our ‘Seminole Spirit’ in all our representations, symbols, and actions. We respect their culture as well as the cultures and diversities of all our students and community. Please share your thoughts with regards to the following set of questions.

    • What adversities or hardships have shaped (or prepared) you to be that unconquered student you are today?
    • How do you handle new challenges presented to you?
    • How has your culture or life experiences helped to shape your ‘Seminole Spirit’?
    • What unique traditions will you or do you share with your fellow students or friends in your daily life or relationships?