Robert B. Short Scholarship in Zoology

Recipient must be an advanced undergraduate or a first or second year graduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences within the Department of Biological Science (Biology) who is interested in zoology and will be participating in an off-campus organized research experience or training program, or specialized course of study.

Gwynn M. Akin, Ph.D.
Ms. Sally S. Jue and Mr. Dean K. Jue
Academic College/Unit
Arts & Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you interested in zoology?
  2. Upload a personal statement on your academic and research interests and career plans (no more than two typed pages).
  3. Provide a statement of costs and financial resources. Please give a complete listing of anticipated expenses associated with your participation in the off-campus research experience or training program for which you are applying. Then indicate the sources of income, savings, or other funds available to you to meet those expenses.
  4. Please upload an official description or announcement of the course, field experience, or training program that the scholarship will support.
  5. Provide the name and email address of a Florida State University faculty member who will submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf.