C. Aaron McNeece Field Education Scholarship

Recipient must be a student in the College of Social Work who will be completing their final field internship.

Dr. C. Aaron McNeece and Mrs. Sherrill A. McNeece
Academic College/Unit
Social Work
Supplemental Questions

    I understand that I must be a student who has been admitted to a FSU College of Social Work degree program (BSW, MSW) and that this award is for final internships only.

    I understand that:

    • The C. Aaron McNeece Field Education Scholarship will be awarded for the upcoming summer, fall and spring terms.
    • I will be notified via my Florida State University email address, and it is my responsibility to check my email to receive this notification.
    • I am responsible for consulting the Florida State University’s Office of Financial Aid to determine if my financial aid package will be affected by additional funds.
    • I will receive scholarship funds via my student account once they are disbursed by FSU’s Office of Financial Aid.
    • I must submit a letter of thanks expressing gratitude to the scholarship Donor. Awards will not be disbursed unless a “Thank You” letter has been submitted.
    • I will be expected to attend the College of Social Work’s annual Scholarship Banquet event that is held during the Fall term. More details about the event will be sent at a later date.
    • Any scholarship awarded by the College of Social Work may be revoked if you are not pursuing a degree in Social Work, withdraw from FSU, fail to maintain good academic standing, or for any other just cause as determined by the Dean of the College of Social Work.
  3. What is your expected student status in Summer 2021?
  4. What is your expected student status in Fall 2021?
  5. What is your expected student status in Spring 2022?
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