Calvin Patterson Civil Rights Endowed Scholarship

Recipient must be a student in the College of Law who has demonstrated a significant interest in and a commitment to the practice of law in the areas that specialize in protecting and furthering the civil rights of women, African Americans, and the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) community, including, but not limited to, in the areas of employment, health, voting, education, or housing. Additional areas also include protecting and furthering the reproductive rights of women, particularly as it relates to birth control and abortion, and protecting and furthering federal rights, protections and benefits for LGBT people. Please note that no academic credit will be awarded in connection with this program.

Questions concerning this scholarship should be directed to Nancy Benavides at

Mr. Thomas A. Warren and Ms. Kathleen A. Villacorta
Academic College/Unit
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list any public interest work you have previously undertaken (unpaid or paid positions). Include the name of the organization, your duties and how long you participated. If you have limited or no experience with public interest work, but believe you are a good candidate for the internship, please elaborate on this in your personal statement including what inspired you to work in your indicated project area.
  2. These scholarships/stipends are intended to provide financial support for law students who have a demonstrated commitment to public interest work in the specific areas described above. Recipients will commit to working full-time in a legal position for a period of at least 4 weeks over the summer. Be sure to specifically address 1) where you intend to work, 2) the length of your commitment to the organization, and 3) how you believe the experience will further your interest in a career in this specialty field.
    • 1. Where you intend to work
    • 2. Length of your commitment to the organization
    • 3. How you believe the experience will further your interest in a career in this specialty field
  3. Please attach a personal statement elaborating on your previous answers, describing why you should be awarded the stipend and discussing any other matters you feel are relevant to the selection process (i.e., past experience, disappointments, overall personal goals, etc.).
  4. Upload a copy of your resume (PDF or Word format).