College of Arts and Sciences Study Abroad Awards – Fall Semester Abroad

Recipient must be a student in the College of Arts and Sciences who will be participating in a study abroad program through the Florida State University International Programs Office.

Scholarship Committee
Academic College/Unit
Arts & Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit an essay (1,000 words or less) describing your academic and career goals, how the anticipated activities or courses will impact your educational and career goals and why you are participating in the study abroad program?
  2. Provide the name and email address of two individuals who will submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf. One must be written by a Florida State University faculty member, preferably a current or past instructor or adviser.
    • Name and Email Address of first individual
    • Name and Email Address of second individual
  3. Provide the term and year of when you intend to study abroad.
  4. Provide the location of your intended study abroad program.
  5. If you are involved with any activities other than volunteering and leadership, list them below.
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